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When you need solid legal advice, who you can you turn to? The team at Takitani, Agaran & Jorgensen knows the importance of retaining qualified counsel based on a sound foundation of knowledge and integrity. They listen closely to client needs, whether cases involve injury, property disputes, environmental issues, or civil litigation. As a result, these lawyers provide you with dependable legal solutions suited to your specific circumstances.

Serving clients in both Lahaina and Wailuku, HI, attorneys Anthony Takitani and Gilbert Keith-Agaran have strong ties to the local community. As Maui residents, they have a deep-seated understanding of the wants and desires of those they live and work with, as well as the type of issues they face. This allows their accomplished legal staff to provide custom-tailored options, no matter the size or scope of the case in question. They also bring a combined total of 60 years of trial experience to the table, which is crucial when handling cases of a more complex nature.

This firm is well-versed in many different areas of the law, including personal injury. Whether you were injured in a car accident, suffered a traumatic brain injury, or are the victim of medical malpractice, this legal team will work diligently to get the compensation you deserve. Reliable advocacy will allow you to focus on your recovery, as you can rest easy knowing that your rights being upheld.

Takitani, Agaran & Jorgensen also takes the public interest to heart when it comes to cases involving environmental law. They will strive to preserve important environmental features of local areas by ensuring both businesses and individuals remain in full compliance with pertinent regulations. They also have experience in real estate transactions, and can even lend their knowledge to issues of land rights and usage.

Thanks to their prowess in tackling a range of serious legal issues, Maui clients trust in the guidance provided by the skilled lawyers at Takitani, Agaran & Jorgensen. See the difference a personalized litigation approach can make to your case by calling (808) 242-4049 today. You can also learn more about this law firm by visiting their website.

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