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Bates Law Firm PLLC long has been a staple of the Wadesboro, NC, community, providing clients throughout the area with a long list of vital legal services. Formerly known as the Clodfelter Law Office, this firm will draw on extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal system to help you with almost any situation, whether you're going through a divorce or need a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Bates Law Firm PLLC focuses on civil and criminal fields, giving them the ability to assist with everything from DWI cases to major felonies, as well as divorce and child custody disputes. They pride themselves on being a full-service firm with the ability to meet all your legal needs.

Their success is built on their quality service and commitment to delivering the results their clients need. Bates Law Firm PLLC knows that many legal situations have the potential to shape their clients' lives for years to come, which is why they concentrate on giving each case the individualized attention it deserves. Even for cases that don't go to court, they will provide legal advice that will achieve the best possible outcome.

If you've been hurt in an accident or accused of a crime, Bates Law Firm PLLC has the expertise you need. Learn more about their outstanding legal team and broad spectrum of practice areas online, or call (704) 694-0195 to schedule a consultation.

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