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Finding a reliable collision repair shop can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Nobody knows this better than the auto body repair professionals at Kemp Bros. Body Shop in Texarkana, TX, so they make a point of offering personalized, friendly service you can rely on. Whether you’re in need extensive repairs for collision damage or simply want to fix a few dents, their technicians will have you in and out of the shop in no time.

For over 45 years, this family-owned and -operated business has provided first-rate auto body repair services at affordable rates. There are a lot of auto body shops, so they strive to be the best by offering efficient service built upon honesty and integrity.

Kemp Bros. Body Shop is a direct repair facility, so they will work with your insurance provider to lower repair costs. Their licensed and certified technicians use leading brands of equipment and paint to ensure you receive top-quality work.

Kemp Bros. Body Shop prides itself on offering a wide range of quality auto body detailing and collision repair services, from total rebuilds to paint touch-ups. For those who have a vehicle with extensive frame damage, Kemp Bros. Body Shop offers the best technology to address the situation. Their professional technicians will walk you through the repair process and provide a clear, itemized estimate before beginning any work.

To learn more about the honest, reliable collision repair and auto detailing services available at Kemp Bros. Body Shop, call (903) 794­-9776. Visit them online to see before and after photos of their vehicle transformations.

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