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As fellow pet owners and animal lovers, the trusted team at Troy & Wentzville Veterinary Clinic has built a reputation as a leading, full-service animal clinic in Eastern Missouri. Whether you have a small companion animal that needs pet vaccinations or you need to schedule checkups for large farm animals, this experienced veterinarian staff is ready to help.

With more than six decades of service to Lincoln and St. Charles counties, the animal clinic has the expertise and resources to provide first-rate pet services. In addition to preventive  and diagnostic services, the animal hospital is equipped to provide pet microchipping, dental care, grooming, and dog boarding for your companion. And when the unforeseen happens, this emergency veterinarian will be by your side to give your pets or livestock the best care possible.

Striving to be more than a health resource for your pets, this animal hospital is committed to treating your animals as members of the family, giving them the care they deserve. What’s more, their expansive understanding of pet health goes beyond that of small animals like cats and dogs — they’re also an excellent resource for those who need regular veterinarian care for cattle and other large farm animals in nearby communities, including those of Cave, Flint Hill, Moscow Mills, New Melle, Troy, and Wentzville.

Visit the Troy & Wentzville Veterinary Clinic website to access new client forms and additional information about their wide range of services. With knowledgeable and caring administrators standing by during normal business hours, you can also call (636) 528-4534 to address any pet health concerns or questions you may have. For more news and information, visit the animal clinic on Facebook.

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