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For over fifteen years, Conservation Framing Services has been providing galleries, museums, public and private collectors, artists, and individuals with custom archival framing solutions and conservation services.

At Conservation Framing Services, their primary concern is to create a safe and protective environment in which to preserve the life and value of your artwork. Over the years, their staff has handled a vast array of artworks made from a wide variety of acid-free materials. Archival framing, acid-free framing and museum quality framing are all specialties they are especially known for.

Whether you need picture, artwork, or design framing for work or home, they are there to help. They're available by appointment only, which allows them to consult with you privately in a quiet environment. All artwork stored is fully insured and protected by a state of the art by Coupon Companion" id="_GPLITA_0" data-mce-href="http://www.conservationframing.net/#">security system in a secure doorman building.

At Conservation Framing Services, they believe every piece of art requires individual consideration to determine the appropriate frame, treatment, adhesives and matting options.

Available by appointment only. Please call (212) 254-7518.

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