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ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services

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ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration Services, Fire Damage Restoration, Services, Lexington, Kentucky

Disasters are never scheduled and often leave your greatest assets, like your home or business, in a state of disarray. Service Master Fire & Water Restoration Services understands the importance of quick and efficient action in the face of damage from water, fire, and weather. With over 60 years of experience, this Lexington, KY, business offers a variety of reconstruction services to help every customer return to normal life.

Whether your home or business is suffering from a leaking roof, broken pipes, or even a clogged toilet, the established professionals at Service Master Fire & Water Restoration Services will find a way to repair your structure and eliminate signs of water damage. They will help you take care of the effects of fire and smoke, as well as mold, odor, and weather damage. They also provide specialty services like air duct cleaning to keep your property safe and well maintained.

After a disaster, action must be taken quickly. Service Master Fire & Water Restoration Services is available 24/7 to assist you at any time. They will determine areas that need repair and guide the restoration processes so you can focus on the safety of your family and recovery of your personal belongings.

When disaster strikes, call a professional team of contractors for help. Service Master Fire & Water Restoration Services will assist you in making the repairs you need. Call (859) 309-9964 or visit their website to learn more about their fire, water, and weather damage services. Like them on Facebook to find out how their team is helping the community.

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