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With locations all across the United States, JEI Learning Center is one of the country’s top academic enrichment programs. The early childhood education centers offer customized programs designed to help students excel in their classrooms, year-round.

The center’s innovative approach to education ensures that gifted and talented students, students who may require additional extracurricular stimulation, and students performing at grade level all enjoy an enriching and immersive academic experience. JEI Learning Center's many programs, including math tutoring, reading and writing tutoring, summer camps, after-school classes, and the one-of-a-kind 'Brain Safari' contribute to their participants' excitement - and vast successes.

JEI Learning Center hopes to inspire their students, develop their critical thinking abilities, encourage them to explore their boundlessly creative minds, and unlock a passion for education from an early age. The hands-on approach to education that can be found at every center further underscores students’ involvement in their own education. After all, the time to lay the foundation for a child’s successful life is now. Register for high-quality, supplementary education from JEI Learning Center today!

To find a center nearby and enroll in wonderful academic programs from JEI Learning Center, visit the specialists online. Those interested in speaking with a learning center professional should call (201) 567-0677 at their convenience.

Announcements & Events from JEI Learning Center
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Just a week left to avail the promotion of Free Registration.HURRY.....this offer expires on June 30th.read more
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Only a few days left to avail the offer of FREE Registration.HURRY...This offer expires on June 30th.read more
JEI Learning Center @ Hillsborough offers Free Registration ($50 value) for the month of June.Please contact us at 908-369-4364 / info@jeihillsborough.com to avail this offer.read more
JEI Learning Center @ Hillsborough offers Free Registration ($50 value) for the month of June. Please contact us at 908-369-4364 / info@jeihillsborough.com to avail this offer.read more
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