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Missy Kai Yoga

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Yoga can bridge the gap between physical and emotional ailments, providing a holistic approach to overall wellness. For residents of L.A., a session with Missy Kai Hoffman of Missy Kai Yoga can help you relieve stress, improve flexibility, and prevent future injuries. After studying yoga under Dr. Larry Payne at Loyola Marymount University, Missy Kai opened up a studio to share this powerful practice with the Santa Monica community.

How does Missy Kai Yoga transform lives? The Los Angeles yoga instructor teaches students the beneficial effects movement can have on their mental and physical well-being in the most comfortable environments available. Missy Kai Yoga offers private yoga classes and group instruction to simplify the techniques of self-care, ensuring all clients continue to reap the benefits of yoga for the rest of their lives.

Missy Kai Hoffman believes that yoga offers long-term relief from stress, disease, worry, and other ailments. She works one-on-one with students during private yoga sessions to provide guidance on whatever their goals are, whether it’s to perfect a downward dog, improve physical fitness, rehabilitate an injury, integrate mindfulness into one’s lifestyle, or find emotional balance.

A new client session offers Missy Kai Yoga the chance to personalize your yoga practice. The session lasts 60 minutes and includes an evaluation of your goals, medical history, lifestyle habits, diet, and current yoga abilities. You’ll also enjoy a 30-minute session of gentle yoga flow and an optional guided meditation. The yoga instructor will work with you to integrate yoga into a healthy lifestyle that is both tailored to your needs and practical in this day and age.

Missy Kai Yoga is dedicated to helping students develop fulfilling yoga techniques that enrich their lives. To schedule your first private yoga session in Los Angeles, call (650) 491-4232 or visit their website.