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L & R Power Equipment Inc., Lawn & Garden Equipment, Shopping, Monroe, Connecticut

Outdoor power tools make yardwork and landscaping projects easier to accomplish. When you use quality tools from L & R Power Equipment Inc, you can achieve great results. As a retailer and independent dealer of Stihl power tools in Monroe, CT, they provide the community with top brand outdoor equipment — including electric lawn mowers, edgers, and trimmers — to keep your yard looking neatly manicured.

Whether you need a backpack sprayer for grass fertilization or an edger for clean lines on your lawn, a team member at L & R Power Equipment will help you find the tool that best suits your needs. Since their staff also knows the proper use of outdoor power equipment will provide the best results, they will take the time to show you how to correctly operate the tools and demonstrate safety precautions.

Are you looking for a particular Stihl product? If the Stihl power tool you need is not available at their location, a staff member will be happy to order the requested equipment directly from the dealer. Your request will be processed as soon as it’s received and you will get a follow-up within two days about the status of your order. L & R Power Equipment strives to provide complete customer satisfaction and will even keep you updated on new Stihl products and offers when you sign up for their newsletter.

Call them at (203) 268-8400 for help selecting the right outdoor power tool, or visit them online to view their inventory.

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