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At South Main Chiropractic Clinic, the number one goal is to provide exceptional chiropractic care in a welcoming, comfortable, and clean environment. They offer High Point, NC, patients a broad range of services performed by a state- and board-certified, in-house chiropractor, who has specialized in this area of medicine for the last 18 years.

Whether you are trying to recover from an injury or suffer from chronic head, neck, hip, or back pain, the well-trained medical professionals at South Main Chiropractic Clinic will help you find an effective, non-surgical solution to achieve pain relief. The chiropractor assesses the unique condition of each patient that comes in so the best chiropractic treatment can be administered.

The chiropractic clinic uses a variety of progressive methods and techniques to deliver results-driven chiropractic care that has proven to be successful for their patients. For pain relief and injury treatment, the chiropractor may utilize disc decompression therapy, spinal adjustment, massage, or take a more holistic approach, depending on your specific situation.

Educating patients on how to continue to live a pain-free life is just as important to the staff at South Main Chiropractic Clinic as actually alleviating pain and discomfort. You will leave your appointments with a wealth of knowledge and advice on maintaining a healthier lifestyle through strength training, exercise, and proper nutrition.

To make an appointment to see the most trusted chiropractor in High Point, call (336) 885-5200. You can also visit their website for more information and a comprehensive list of services.


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