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Mark A. Wade, MD, the premier orthopedic surgeon at Interior Alaska Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in Fairbanks, AK, specializes in diseases and injuries pertaining to the ankle, knee, shoulder, back, and other parts of the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Wade and his team work with patients to diagnose, treat, and manage everything from sprains and strains to overuse injuries and chronic pain. Their philosophy is to not only help patients regain their lost function but also enable them to achieve their physical goals.

Dr. Wade earned his medical degree at the University of Texas-Galveston and was inspired to go into sports medicine due to his athletic background. He can treat athletes for issues of any extent, whether it’s a sprained ankle or a hip replacement. Dr. Wade collaborates with other physician specialists in the area to make sure patients receive the best possible medical care.

When patients go to the clinic with an orthopedic concern — from difficulty walking up the stairs to persistent joint pain or swelling — Dr. Wade isolates the problem, narrows down the cause of the issue, and educates them on their treatment options. If you have an injury that requires treatment from an orthopedic surgeon, do not hesitate to make an appointment with him. The sooner patients are able to get advice about their musculoskeletal issue, the sooner his office can treat the problem effectively.

For more information about the best orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor in Fairbanks, AK, visit the Interior Alaska Orthopedic and Sports Medicine website or call their office at (907) 479-2663.

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