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Whether it’s the dead of winter or the sweltering heat of summer, you deserve heating and cooling solutions you can rely on. The experts at Pointon Heating & Air Conditioning, with locations in Baraboo and Portage, WI, provide top-quality furnace and AC installations that will keep you comfortable year round.

With over 200 years of combined experience in the heating and cooling industry, the technicians at Pointon Heating & Air Conditioning are experts in their field. Regardless of the make and model of your equipment or the magnitude of your repair, this trusted company has the tools and knowledge to fix it. By offering personalized and prompt service, they ensure their clients receive the support they deserve.

Pointon Heating & Air Conditioning possesses the resources to service spaces of all kinds, from homes to health care facilities and apartment complexes. In addition to helping you maintain a cool, comfortable temperature in your building, their technicians also will help you curb energy usage, saving you money. Whether you need a reliable air conditioning installation that will serve you for years or an emergency HVAC system repair, their technicians will take care of your needs.

For the top heating and cooling technicians in Columbia, Sauk, Juneau, Adams, and Marquette Counties, look no further than Pointon Heating & Air Conditioning. For a free HVAC installation estimate, call their Portage location at (608) 745-4616 or their Baraboo location at (608) 356-4177. Visit their website for more information about their residential and commercial services.

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