West Village, New York

Academy Records

Voted by Rolling Stone as one of the best record stores in the U.S.

Academy Records

415 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 780-9166
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Academy Records, voted by Rolling Stone as one of the best record stores in the U.S., buys your old records from popular music in nearly all genres from rock and soul to jazz, folk and disco.

If you have a large personal collection of LPs you’d like to sell, either yours or as a favor to a friend or relative, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are plenty of reasons to love large LP collections, not least of which is that in a collection that size the LPs probably weren’t getting played frequently enough to really wear them out. Furthermore, Academy Records Annex loves to buy from discerning vinyl collectors – they play top dollar for rare and exciting items!

We love to support local music, and are always happy to carry local artists releasing music on vinyl. If you run a local label, or are in a band with material released on vinyl, Academy Records Annex would love to carry it. Rather than consignment, they prefer to buy product outright from labels at their standard wholesale cost. Their mark-up tends to be around $5, though more in cases of expensive items.

You can feel free to bring your items by at any time, or if you have concerns about quantity or cost, feel free to give them a call and they'll work it out over the phone before you trek on down

Academy Records also buys soundtracks, but not Broadway show albums, classical, opera, or big band LPs. The dollar amount they pay is roughly 1/3 of their re-sale price.

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