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Animal Care Center of Hays County

Animal Care Center of Hays County

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Animal Care Center of Hays County, Animal Hospitals, Services, San Marcos, Texas

When it comes to pet care, working with the best animal clinic in your area can make all the difference. As a trusted veterinary hospital in San Marcos, TX, Animal Care Center of Hays County is committed to providing this high level of care conveniently and cost-effectively.

Backed by a team of compassionate, trained professionals, Animal Care Center offers complete veterinary service that pet owners can trust. Preventive services—including pet dental care, as well as cat and dog vaccinations—are offered at affordable rates so you can help give your furry friend a solid foundation of health. They are even stocked with a variety of quality pet foods and products, eliminating an extra trip to the pet store.

Animal Care Center specialists are prized for their sensitive expertise at every stage of an animal’s life and are able to carefully assist in all matters, including senior pet care. And if emergencies arise, this San Marcos vet offers comprehensive diagnostic and surgical procedures to deliver the very best in critical care.

Understanding that pets are a part of your family, Animal Care Center of Hays County takes a personal approach to addressing animal health. Communication is always a priority, our vets will take the time to explain health details. These professionals will also avoid unnecessary testing to keep your cat or dog comfortable and maintain costs.

Visit the Animal Care Center of Hays County website to explore their extensive veterinary service options and learn how you can start personalizing your pet care today. If your pet is a new patient, appointments at their San Marcos animal clinic can be made conveniently by calling (512) 754-6333.

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