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Da Hawaiian Poke Company

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Da Hawaiian Poke Company

870 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
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For Hawaiian cuisine that showcases the best the islands have to offer, locals and tourists alike flock to Da Hawaiian Poke. Located in Honolulu, this restaurant serves up traditional Hawaiian food and hospitality in a relaxed atmosphere. The distinctive menu features traditional hallmarks of the islands’ local cuisine, including the restaurant’s namesake—Hawaiian poke, or fish salad.

One look at the Da Hawaiian Poke menu and you’ll see that this restaurant has something for every taste. The menu includes a range of local specialties, from freshly caught ahi fish to homemade laulau and kalua pig. The poke bar is a local favorite, offering a fresh take on this centuries-old Hawaiian food: simply pick a protein base like tofu, shrimp, or fish, and then choose one of the distinctive flavors, from Wasabi to Sweet Ginger Shoyu. You can then add various toppings and delicious sauces to give your poke bowl some extra flair. Whatever dish you order, you can be sure it was made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and crafted with love.

When you dine at Da Hawaiian Poke, you’re taking part in a true celebration of Hawaiian culture. You can get a sneak peek at their menu on their website. Better yet, give them a call at (808) 425-4954 to make a reservation and visit in person. From the fantastic food to the friendly service, this Honolulu restaurant will give you a taste of true Hawaiian flavor! Want to learn more about island cuisine? Connect with Da Hawaiian Poke on Facebook.

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