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The key to a successful home or building construction is having a competent contractor who uses high-quality lumber and building materials. Partnering up with a reliable supplier will make your life easier and ensure you receive the desired results you’re looking for. When it comes to building supplies, look no further than Butler County Lumber Company.

Since 1912, the company has made it their mission to supply everything homeowners, builders, and contractors need to complete a construction project. A full-service building supplies dealer in the Greater Hamilton and Cincinnati area, Butler County Lumber Company, uses their extensive industry experience to provide premium-quality construction materials coupled with the knowledge of their helpful sales and production teams.

Contractors have a wide range of affordable building materials and tools to choose from through Butler County Lumber Company. Hitachi/Milwaukee tools, National/Stanley hardware, and fasteners from brands like Midwest, and Simpson are available through this supplier. Their insulation options include Bead Board, Tyvek, Styrofoam, and Johns Manville Fiberglass, while their engineered lumber selection includes Microlam Beams, Trusses, and TJI Joist Systems. Framing lumber, on the other hand, comes in CDX Plywood, OSB Sheeting, Yellow Pine, and SPF. They also have multiple choices for drywall, roofing, flooring, and ceiling covering, among others.

Butler County Lumber Company. offers their services using a unique three-step process. The first phase involves designing a floor plan, which can be used for estimating costs. In the second phase, the results in the final plans are used to acquire permits for the construction. In the final phase, the contractor and his team work with the customer to select materials before starting construction. They also provide custom woodworking for specialized door, cabinet, stair, and countertop designs.

Enjoy superior, stress-free construction with a trustworthy, well-established contractor and building materials supplier. Call Butler County Lumber Company, today at (513) 896-6660 or visit their website for inquiries. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more company news and information.

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