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West Plains Propane is the go-to provider of gas appliances and propane services in Howell County, MO. This West Plains-based gas company aims to share the cost savings and environmental benefits of propane, offering custom gas solutions that will keep your home running efficiently.

Propane powers all kinds of appliances, from fireplaces and grills to farm equipment and RVs. West Plains Propane helps homeowners harness the benefits of this clean, affordable energy source through residential applications. Their showroom features dozens of gas appliances you can incorporate into your home, including stoves, ovens, and water heaters. This gas company also provides reliable technical support and repairs to ensure your gas appliances function as efficiently as possible.

For 56 years, West Plains Propane has served the gas and propane needs of Howell County and surrounding areas. Their highly trained propane technicians help homeowners find the best propane solutions for their needs, offering advice on using gas to heat and power homes. This family-owned gas company also is fully licensed and insured to provide two convenient pay-at-the-pump fueling stations, offering unleaded, premium, off-road diesel, and diesel fuel.

If you’re ready to switch to gas appliances or want to learn more about how propane services will save you money, the experts at West Plains Propane will provide trustworthy advice and support. To get a free estimate on gas services, call (417) 256-3470 or send them a message on their website.

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