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Carolyn B. Crowell, DMD & Associates is a pediatric dentistry practice committed to bringing premier oral health care and orthodontic services to the littlest members of the greater Avon, OH, community. In accordance with guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and other major health associations, Dr. Crowell recommends that parents establish a “dental home” for their children by the time they turn 1 year old. This will allow a specialized pediatric dentist to oversee their oral health consistently during their crucial formative years.

The first visit to a dentist is critical for kids, so the team at Crowell & Associates strives to make it fun and friendly while dispelling any fears. Using kid-friendly language and techniques to alleviate apprehension in the dentist’s chair, their team aims to build a foundation of trust while instilling good dental care habits that will last a lifetime. From infancy to adolescence, your child will have a positive and healthy atmosphere where their dental and orthodontic health will flourish.

For little ones who require specialized treatments, or those who have severe anxiety or special needs, Crowell & Associates provides a full scope of sedation dentistry options. From nitrous oxide (sometimes known as laughing gas) to IV sedation and outpatient general anesthesia, the appropriate method will be found to put your child at ease. All sedation techniques are safely administered by a highly trained and qualified professional.

Carolyn B. Crowell, DMD & Associates is proud to provide excellent dental care to children of all ages in Avon and the surrounding communities, including Avon Lake, Amherst, Westlake, and Bay Village. To schedule an appointment with one of their pediatric dentists, call (440) 934-0149.

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