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If you’re hiding your smile behind a closed-mouth grin or simply looking for a dentist to help you keep up with your oral health, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Cherry Hill Dentistry. Located in the heart of Lincoln, NE, they offer both general and cosmetic dentistry services, and they’re known throughout the area for providing personalized care. Led by the father-daughter duo of Dr. Jerry Kroeger and Dr. Tanya Powell, Cherry Hill Dentistry is determined to change the lives of their clients by offering general dentistry services leading to healthy and beautiful smiles.

Together, Dr. Kroeger and Dr. Powell use their educations and years of experience to provide patients with the best dental services in the area. They understand visiting the dentist isn’t something many people look forward to, but their team provides caring and gentle service to ensure every patient has a positive experience. When you choose Cherry Hill Dentistry as your regular dentist, you’ll always be greeted by a friendly face and be able to relax in a peaceful atmosphere where your well-being is always the main concern.

To help you achieve a lifetime of good oral health, Cherry Hill Dentistry makes it a priority to stay up to date on the latest dental technology. Their general dentistry services include new composite fillings, tooth extractions, and simple teeth cleanings. They also perform cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you achieve the bright smile you’ve always wanted. Their teeth whitening treatments are fast and effective, and they also specialize in veneers, crowns, dental implants, and bridges.

Cherry Hill Dentistry is always accepting new patients, and they’re also available for dental emergencies that simply can’t wait. Schedule an appointment at the area’s most trusted dentist office by calling (402) 488-2383 or visiting their website.

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