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Since 1946, Childers Concrete Co Inc. has been paving the way as the leading concrete resurfacing company in the High Point, NC, area. Offering top-of-the-line ready-mix concrete solutions to help build communities, they have a long history of providing homes and businesses with durable foundations. Whether you want to upgrade your home to a concrete driveway or need concrete resurfacing at your business, this team of expert craftsmen is ready to deliver quality service.

With a staff of more than 20 employees, the concrete pavers achieve successful results affordably and on time through their intense commitment to teamwork. Whatever the size or nature of your project, the company has all the resources to produce exceptional end results, boasting a fleet of mixing trucks that can haul any amount of concrete across the High Point area. Childers Concrete Co Inc. is able to help with all concrete tasks throughout an entire project, starting with new construction to concrete resurfacing to patio installation for home and businesses

In addition to being proven masters of concrete repair, mixing, and installation, Childers Concrete Co Inc. is known for its expansive selection of accessories. Truly a one-stop concrete shop, the company is also a leading resource for concrete stamps, decorative materials, finishing tools, rebar, waterproofing supplies, wire mesh, parking curbs, and more.

Dive into the impressive history and service of Childers Concrete Co Inc. by visiting their website. To recruit this team for work on your upcoming construction or remodeling project, call (336) 841-3111.

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