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Some of the toughest times in our lives require assistance from an experienced and compassionate attorney. The team at Layton & Southard, LLC located in Cape Girardeau, MO, have helped clients in both Missouri and Illinois make it through difficult times. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, need to draw up a will, or are going through a divorce, these attorneys can provide the strong and understanding legal advice you need.

As auto accident lawyers specializing in personal injury, they are diligent in protecting their clients’ rights to compensation. They handle every aspect of these cases so victims and their families can focus on making a full recovery. Layton & Southard can provide representation to those injured in car, truck, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents.

If you need a divorce attorney who will fight to protect your best interests, you need Layton & Southard. Their attorneys are equipped to handle all aspects of family law, including disputes over property division, child custody and support, and alimony.

The firm’s real estate lawyers can represent buyers or sellers and landlords or tenants when disputes arise. They also offer representation for disputes over land use, financing, and deeds. Their estate planning attorneys can draft your will and set up trusts to ensure your loved ones are provided for in the future.

The attorneys at Layton & Southard have decades of experience in a wide range of practice areas. This small-town firm strives to meet the extensive needs of their clients, and they pride themselves on providing exceptional service. Visit their website to learn more about their areas of expertise. The firm offers free initial consultations for personal injury victims, so call (573) 335-3359 to schedule an appointment.  

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