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The St. Laurent School of Dance

1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 400
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(808) 845-1291
The St. Laurent School of Dance, Dance Classes, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

“There are shortcuts to happiness,” writer Vicki Baum declared, “and dancing is one of them.” The St. Laurent School of Dance is dedicated to helping the Honolulu, HI, community explore this fulfilling shortcut with exceptional dance classes for young and old. Since 1990, this performing arts and dance academy has offered a broad range of dance classes and singing lessons for all ages as they explore their talents. Offering professional expertise and discipline in a fun, friendly atmosphere, their teachers are your ideal guides on the journey to the joy of dance.

Whether you’re ushering your child into their first ballet class or signing up for an adult course, you want to know you’re getting the best dancing and singing education. At The St. Laurent School of Dance, they know it takes more than a strong performer to make a truly great teacher. They seek out only the best teachers to staff their dance academy, prioritizing both flawless technique and pedagogical temperament. Their teachers emphasize discipline, respect, and fun, offering a strong technical foundation in a safe, enjoyable environment. Many of their teachers were students at the dance academy themselves, beginning studies at The St. Laurent School at 3 years old and continuing through college before taking a teaching post!

When your child laces up their shoes for a tap or ballet class at The St. Laurent School of Dance, they’ll learn much more than pliés and Maxie Fords. Classes are small with plenty of individual attention and support for a long-lasting, character-building experience. Learning to dance also builds confidence and cultivates positive body image. The lessons learned in dance class extend far beyond performance careers.

From ages 3 to 93, you’ll find the perfect performance art and dance class for you or your child at The St. Laurent School of Dance. Visit their website to learn more about their program and check out their convenient class schedule. Call (808) 845-1291 to sign-up today.

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