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Did you know the presence of radioactive radon gas in your home or business can increase the risk of lung cancer? What’s worse is any building can face problems with radon levels that may eventually lead to a series of health and environmental hazards. Fortunately, residential and commercial property owners in western NY can rest assured in the trusted service of Mitigation Tech.

When you’re facing health and environmental risks from volatile contaminants like radon gas, you never want to cut corners. That’s why Mitigation Tech has made it a priority to remediate these dangers the right way the first time. They achieve this through their vast engineering knowledge and a tried-and-true business philosophy: specialization and collaboration.

Since radon gas mitigation requires complete attention, Mitigation Tech makes radon remediation and soil vapor mitigation their only focus. To concentrate on this delicate process, the team works with other industry leaders, including businesses that specialize in radon inspection in western New York. If you receive a radon gas test that shows high levels of the gas, you can rest assured that this firm’s systems are designed and constructed to pull in harmful, radioactive elements and direct them away from a property.

Fully licensed and insured, Mitigation Tech has the qualifications necessary to assist in your radon remediation or soil vapor intrusion needs. To schedule a radon gas test or review results, call their Brockport, NY, office at (585) 637-7430. You can also learn more about radon gas and why it should be removed by visiting their website.

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