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With so many computer apps and video games available, it can be difficult for parents to find engaging ways for kids to get the right amount of physical activity they need to remain healthy. When parents in Randolph, NJ, want their little ones to lead more active lifestyles, they visit Aspen Ice. For years, the local ice skating rink has been providing customers of all ages with figure skating and ice hockey classes.

If you are looking for fun ways for kids to socialize with their peers, Aspen Ice offers a wide range of ice skating lessons, led by trustworthy instructors with little ones in mind. Each of the company’s classes is designed for specific age groups, so kids will not only learn hand-eye coordination and build strong muscles but also learn discipline and how to work well with others. If you want to start kids off with a love of ice early in life, classes are available for children as young as four years old. During these introductory classes, kids will learn how to walk in skates and bring that newfound confidence to the ice. Later, they can hone their skills during summer camp sessions held at the neighborhood ice skating rink.

Beyond its commitment to young skaters, what sets Aspen Ice apart from other area recreational facilities is its wide range of offerings for the entire family. While kids are learning to skate, parents can also enroll in adult skating and hockey classes so they can enjoy this fun activity with their children. The entire family can show off their skills during public-skating sessions and refuel with hot chocolate and other yummy treats from the snack bar.

For a fun workout for the entire family, head to Aspen Ice. The dedicated team at this New Jersey ice skating rink will help your entire family become better skaters. For more information or to reserve an ice skating birthday party in the space, call (973) 927-9122. You can also visit the company online to register for classes and learn more about summer offerings and youth hockey programs.

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