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You rely on your eyes every day. To keep them their strongest and healthiest, you need specialized, quality care. The expert optometrists at West Valley Vision Center in Fairbanks, AK, provide the vital care you and your eyes deserve.

This premier optometrist office’s motto, “Large enough to serve you and small enough to care!” truly encompasses their commitment to customer service and quality care. Their eye professionals not only provide the highest caliber of technology and services, they do so on a personalized, friendly level. When you visit West Valley Vision Center, you are more than a patient, so the compassionate team of three optometrists does everything it can to prioritize your eye health.

Whether you need a prescription for corrective lenses or want Lasik eye surgery, West Valley Vision Center provides every service you need. With decades of experience, their optometrists provide excellence in eye surgery, exams, disease prevention and treatment, and more. From diagnosing and treating issues like astigmatism and glaucoma to helping you find the perfect pair of glasses, West Valley Vision Center will keep you seeing clearly and well. Offering the top brands of glasses and contacts, they will make sure you stay stylish and comfortable. 

For the best eye doctors in Fairbanks, look no further than West Valley Vision Center. To schedule an appointment, call a helpful staff member at (907) 479-4700. Visit their website for more information about their optometry services.

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