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Totter’s Otterville

4314 Boron Dr
Covington, KY 41015
(859) 491-1441
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Children thrive in spaces that not only encourage fun and friendship, but that also inspire creativity and hands-on learning. Totter’s Otterville is an educational play center located in Latonia, KY, that offers countless artistic and mentally stimulating activities for children ages 10 and under. Their aim is to help children develop their minds and bodies by promoting self-directed play and free-form interaction in a variety of indoor play areas.

Totter’s Otterville prides itself on a vast array of versatile activities and spaces. Children can exercise their creativity in their art studio or channel their inner explorer in a child-size maze. From face painting to puppet workshops, their facility has something for any inquisitive, young mind — as well as their stomach!  While Totter’s Otterville offers visiting children a variety of nutritious and delicious foods — from pizza to salads — they make sure to avoid fried foods or meals cooked in peanut oil to ensure that each visitor is happy, healthy, and ready for fun.

Every child is welcome at Totter’s Otterville, and groups of growing minds are no exception. Their educational play areas are ideal for scout troops, church groups, and even preschoolers. With a reservation, parents can even rent out a private party room where children and guests can indulge in pizza, ice cream, and more, optimizing educational group fun and building friendships along the way.

Treat your child to a day of fun at an indoor playground that has your kid’s developmental interests in mind. Totter’s Otterville offers a safe environment with a wide variety of activities to keep children happily engaged all day. For more information about the play center, call (859) 491-1441 or visit their website.

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