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A fresh glass of crisp water tastes even better when you know it’s clean and safe. Holmes Water Treatment Co in Wentzville, MO, provides water filters to ensure your drinking water is top quality. The water treatment specialists have been serving residential and commercial customers for more than 40 years, offering a diverse selection of water filters and water purification systems, as well as replacement filters and maintenance services.

If you have an especially unique need, Holmes Water Treatment Co can even come to you to create custom-made filter solutions. Whatever type of water purification system you receive, it uses the highest grade of materials to ensure maximum removal of impurities and bacteria.

The water purification professionals also offer water testing services and maintenance services for all makes and models of water treatment equipment. If you only need a water filtration system temporarily, they can provide rentals of select equipment.

A great water filter or water purification system is not only beneficial for the health of you and your loved ones; it can also prolong the life of water-dependent household appliances and reduce water heater costs. Investing in a good water filtration system now can save you money down the line.

If you want quality water, a water filter from Holmes Water Treatment Co in Wentzville, MO, can help. Visit the website or call (636) 327-6404 to discuss your individual water filtration needs. A member of the skilled team will be happy to help you.

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