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The Haitian Polo Documentary by DJ Scripz


The Haitian Polo Documentary by DJ Scripz

The Haitian Polo Documentary by DJ Scripz, Filmmakers & Movie Studios, Arts and Entertainment, New York, New York

For decades, young Haitian immigrants have struggled to assimilate in the bustling, harsh city of New York. Regardless of citizenship, economic status, or social standing, though, one unlikely item brought thousands of young Haitians in New York City together in the 80s and 90s: the polo shirt. Through sometimes gritty, sometimes heartfelt, and always compelling narratives, The Haitian Polo Documentary by DJ Scripz lends viewers a fascinating look at the struggle of young Haitian immigrants.

Directed by DJ, business owner, and film producer DJ Scripz, The Haitian Polo Documentary is an enlightening and engaging look into the lives of a marginalized group. With thousands of Haitian immigrants fleeing the violence and corruption in their home country, DJ Scripz recounts the social barriers and discrimination that greeted Haitians in the Big Apple. As both a way to assimilate and a way to reclaim the bourgeoisie clothing choice of the time, the polo shirt, the documentary explores how style (“flyness”), culture, and identity play roles in the lives of Haitians. “Call me names…but you can never be flyer than me,” one Haitian proclaims in the movie, reminiscing about a time when both status and style reigned.

Since the documentary’s recent Tribeca Film Festival debut, DJ Scripz has made appearances on Power 105, HOT 97, and Industry Rules to discuss the successful piece. With an overwhelmingly positive reception for his first-ever film, on top of a dedicated DJ following, DJ Scripz is truly an up-and-coming name to watch.

To catch a glimpse of the gripping story for yourself, check out The Haitian Polo Documentary trailer online. Stay up to date with DJ Scripz and the rest of the talented documentary team by visiting the website. You can also see what DJ Scripz is up to by following him on Twitter or Instagram.