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Your business’ appearance is important to its success. The way your employees are dressed and your events are designed can say a lot about your company. Paramount Linen & Uniform Rental in Lincoln, NE, provides high-level linen services, uniform rentals, and dust control to help your business look its best. The family-owned company has been operating since 1928 and proudly takes care of more than 1,700 clients throughout southeast and central Nebraska. 

Paramount Linen & Uniform Rental offers hygienic, high-quality linen services for an array of industries. With approximately 100 employees, they are capable of taking care of small and large orders. Their specialty departments include chef apparel, paramedical wear, and industrial uniforms. For employee uniforms of any kind, they will work with you to create made-to-measure clothing. Uniforms are bar-coded for accurate tracking and cleaning, and any repairs will be made on an as-needed basis in time for the next delivery.

For restaurants or special events, they offer a large selection of tablecloth linens and napkins to give the room the perfect appearance. They can also help your building stay clean with their dust control service, as they offer mops and mats to keep everything looking tidy and professional.

Detailed care is given to everything they do. Their medical uniforms are cleaned according to OSHA standards on occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens, and their chef apparel can be tailored using specific cooking-friendly material to mitigate unsightly kitchen stains.

Whatever your linen and uniform needs may be, the professionals at Paramount Linen & Uniform Rental will work with you to meet your specific needs. Appearances are an important part of your business’ success, and the linen service experts want to support you toward this end. Visit their website or call (402) 435-4313 to find out more about their areas of service.

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