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When choosing a dentist to take care of your family’s oral hygiene and dental care needs, you want a professional who puts patient satisfaction first. If you’re in Fairbanks, AK, Helmbrecht Dental is the practice of choice. Whether you’re having a root canal or a routine teeth cleaning, this trusted dentist is dedicated to providing the best patient care. The staff takes part in continuous training to make sure they can offer patients the most cutting-edge treatments possible.

Helmbrecht Dental offers a range of general and restorative dentistry services for patients of all ages. Their services include fillings, dentures, bridges, tooth extractions, and more. If you want to make your smile shine even brighter, they also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures, from dental crowns to teeth whitening. Whatever procedure you require, these dentists do their best to offer friendly and professional service you can count on, and they aim to establish a life-long relationship with every patient.

For your convenience, Helmbrecht Dental offers a variety of payment options, including financing plans to help with certain treatments. They also accept all major dental insurance plans and offer Care Credit to patients. The team believes money should never stand in the way of good oral health, so if you are uncertain about your payment options, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are in the Fairbanks, AK, area and would like to make an appointment with Helmbrecht Dental, give them a call today at (907) 456-1237. You can also visit the dental practice online for more information, and connect with them on Facebook.

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