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Nord-East Realty Group, LLC brokers and sales agents have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in New York communities. We know which neighborhoods will best fit clients' or customers' needs and budgets. We are familiar with local zoning and tax laws and know where and how to obtain financing for the purchase of property. We can help to arrange financing from a lender for the prospective buyer, which may make the difference between success and failure in closing a sale. In some cases, brokers and agents assume primary responsibility for finalizing, or closing, sales, but typically this function is done by lenders or lawyers.

Nord-East Realty Group, LLC is a one-stop shop for real estate sales and financing of commercial and residential properties. We specialize in condo market, providing the cutting edge of constantly changing financing guidelines, volume financing commitments and project pre-sale requirement waivers, targeted marketing and market study.
Implementing our knowledge and innovative sales and marketing strategies helped us achieve outstanding sales results and generated extremely loyal client base.

Members of Nord-East Realty Group, LLC come from different walks of life with backgrounds in banking, commercial financing, asset based lending, real estate, residential mortgage origination, Wall Street, military and law.

Nord-East Realty Group, LLC offers services to sellers, developers, asset managers, lending institutions, private equities, industry partners and individuals.

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