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For gorgeous plants of the highest caliber, there’s no better destination in the Cincinnati area than Northgate Greenhouses. Boasting distinguished breeds of perennials, succulents, tropical plants, and much more, the top-rated greenhouse continues to impress with its sophistication in gardening and design.   

As the recipient of numerous gardening awards, including the Perfect Bloom Award for Green Industries, the 2015 Cincinnati Flower Show Mayors Award, and the Cincinnati Flower Show Best in Show two years in a row, Northgate Greenhouses has earned its reputation as the area’s most superlative greenhouse. This year, the team also earned the title of Official Growers for the Western & Southern Open, adorning the Ohio tennis tournament with the most immaculate displays imaginable.

Whether the garden professionals are helping you adorn your backyard or the most important sporting event in the area, they practice excellence with every single plant. From annuals to perennials, rich red dahlias to bursting Senettis®, the premier greenhouse carries the high-quality selection your garden needs to stay vibrant all year long. Also carrying bedding, vegetables, and herbs, the year-round greenhouse offers a variety that keeps valued clients returning for more. Whether it’s the dead of winter or the heat of summer, any time of year is an excellent time to check out what’s blooming at Northgate Greenhouses.

To see if your plant of choice is in stock, call their friendly professionals today at (513) 729-1134. You can also check out their complete list of seasonal plants online. To keep up with the Cincinnati greenhouse’s beautiful displays and new arrivals, visit their Facebook page.

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New Promotion for Northgate Greenhouses! 1 free 8” Mum with every $50 purchase. Starting May 9 thru May 24th       read more
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Customer appreciation week starts June 15th. All annual flats and 4.5 inch blooming pots will be buy one, get one free of equal or lesser value. Don’t miss out on this limited more
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Penta Pots at Northgate Greenhouses are in bloom now! All Penta 4.5” Pots are 3 for $10. They make great Mother’s Day gifts!  Call today at 513-729-1134 before the offer more
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