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Urech & Livaudais, P.C. in Daleville, AL, is proud to serve those who serve. Whether you’re on active duty at Fort Rucker or retired elsewhere in Alabama, this firm will provide sound legal advice regarding family law, employment law, personal injury cases, and criminal defense.

The attorneys at Urech & Livaudais, P.C. have more than 40 years of combined experience representing civilian and military clients. Mr. Urech has more than 30 years of experience practicing law, while Mr. Livaudais’ previous career as an Army helicopter pilot grants him the knowledge and insight needed to empathize with service members and defend their rights. Their experience provides a unique perspective that allows them to offer quality legal advice in a variety of practice areas.

For personal injury law, the lawyers at Urech & Livaudais, P.C. draw on their military background to handle Army aircraft accidents and premises liability on military bases, in addition to civilian auto accidents and wrongful death suits. They take a compassionate approach when representing grief-stricken clients, which is something their family law clients appreciate as well. Divorce proceedings can be contentious, and additional complications often arise if at least one partner is in the military.

The team at Urech & Livaudais, P.C, also practices employment law and criminal defense. Whether you are facing charges from the United States government or the Uniform Code of Military Justice, their attorneys will offer sound legal advice and help you build a solid defense. Visit their website to learn more about their areas of practice, and call (334) 598-4455 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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