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For more than 30 years, Columbia Roofing in Elkridge, MD, has provided an extensive list of roofing solutions and home improvement options to revamp residential and commercial spaces throughout the state. This family-owned and -operated company performs roofing and gutter installations, as well as windows, doors, and siding replacements for homes, businesses, and property management complexes.

When your roof is damaged or worn, trust Columbia Roofing to deliver expert roof repairs, no matter your timeframe or budget. Carrying products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, this bonded and insured roofing contractor is certified to install asphalt, slate, or metal roofs that will withstand all types of weather for years to come. Beyond repair and maintenance work on roofs, they also provide gutter repair and clean downspouts to protect your structure, and window and door installations, as well as siding to give your property a fresh, new look.  

The staff experience and customer commitment are what set Columbia Roofing apart from other area contractors. In 1977, company founder Mike Christopolis started Columba Roofing to provide area residents with the best roofing and construction services on the market. This dedication to customer service continues today. They have a number of affiliations and certifications and are qualified to work throughout the Maryland corridor. From large-scale commercial jobs to residential roofing projects, you can expect to receive expert workmanship, quality materials, and competitive pricing.

For professional roofing, gutter, and siding installation, call Columbia Roofing today at (410) 479-6100. Visit this roofing company online for financing options and details about their full list of services. To see recent updates and pictures of finished projects, follow them on Facebook.

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