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Life is full of unexpected occurrences, some of which may require guidance from a knowledgeable legal team. In Cincinnati, the attorneys at O'Connor, Mikita & Davidson take their clients’ needs very seriously. This full-service firm is known for its prowess in bankruptcy proceedings, criminal defense, and family law, which means that a wide range of clients can benefit from more than 20 years of legal experience.

While experience is certainly important when selecting a law firm, custom-tailoring legal solutions to individual clients is equally so. That’s why Attorneys Michael J. O'Connor, William H. Mikita, and L. Joshua Davidson approach each new case with an eye on all pertinent details. This fierce dedication has won them the recognition of both clients and peers alike.

Those seeking a comprehensive understanding of family law need look no further than this law firm. The attorneys can tackle divorce, custody cases, child/spousal support, annulment, and issues related to abuse and neglect. A dependable legal advocate can ease some of the emotional burden associated with conflict between families.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another, you’ll need dedicated legal guidance to seek the compensation you deserve. This may include filing a workers’ compensation claim, which can be difficult for those suffering from debilitating physical damage. Other practice areas include estate planning, debt relief, and civil litigation.

Whether you are contending with family law issues or you need assistance filing a personal injury claim, O'Connor, Mikita & Davidson strive to provide comprehensive legal service that gets results. Call (513) 655-2068 today to schedule your free initial consultation at one of four convenient Cincinnati locations, or visit their website for more information. This firm also offers Saturday and evening hours to better accommodate clients.

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