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Lykins Complete Site Solutions

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Lykins Complete Site Solutions, Excavating, Services, Middletown, Ohio

Focused on building the future, Lykins Complete Site Solutions is the premiere construction and engineering company in Middletown, OH. Mastering projects small and large in the commercial market, this family-owned site work contractor brings exceptional attention to detail and a wealth of expertise to each and every job.

With more than 25 years in construction, Lykins Complete Site Solutions can confidently address most steps associated with the building process. When old buildings need to come down, they can provide complete demolition services — and haul the debris away. They can also assist with new construction, covering essential services from site preparation to earthwork to asphalt application.

In addition to construction, Lykins Complete Site Solutions can assist businesses who need to establish underground utilities in the Middletown, OH, area. As experts in excavation, these specialists can help build or repair sanitary sewer or storm-water systems.

Owned and operated by the Lykins family, this construction firm takes pride in delivering results that were built on family values. That’s why they take extra care to not only provide first-rate solutions, but do so in a way that is safe and cost-effective.

If you are within 200 miles of Middletown, OH, Lykins Complete Solutions is ready to help you with your development and site preparation needs. Call (513) 649-9198 to share the specifics of your project and learn how their comprehensive construction services can take it to the next level to make your vision a reality. To see examples of their work, follow this site work contractor on Facebook.

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