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Douglass Steel, Welding, Services, Mountain Grove, Missouri

For over 50 years, the raw metal experts of Douglass Steel have provided unrivaled metal fabrication and distribution services to customers throughout mid-Missouri. When you need a team of experts to direct you to the perfect product, the family-owned and -operated company won’t disappoint. Stop into their Mountain Grove, MO, plant to receive high-quality materials and a constantly rising standard of workmanship that promises to surpass your expectations.

Aside from steel, this respected local metal company services a wide variety of metal types, offering expert cutting and assembly for everything from steel and iron to aluminum and copper. Need to get your hands on a collection of functional metal pieces like brackets and fasteners to tie your project together? Douglass Steel supplements their metal distribution by manufacturing these essential products on-site. If it’s raw metal you’re searching for, their varied selection of metal types includes unique varieties such as silicon bronze and zinc.

From standard sheet and structural metal to custom metal creations, there’s no job too big or too small for Douglass Steel. Each metal type is affordably priced for its top-of-the-line quality and given directly to you from the best metal manufacturing plant in the region. Whether you need large structural steel beams or tiny metal brackets, Douglass Steels provides it all from one convenient location.

To contact the metal experts about your order, call (417) 926-5589 today to speak to a friendly staff member. For more information on their top-notch metal products and services, visit their website.

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