Waipahu, Hawaii

City of Refuge Christian Church

City of Refuge Christian Church

97-897 Waipahu Street
Waipahu, HI 96797
(808) 677-5677
City of Refuge Christian Church, Religious Centers, Family and Kids, Waipahu, Hawaii

Finding community in a non-denominational church is a wonderful way to connect with people from all walks of life. City of Refuge Christian Church in Waipahu, HI, is an international non-denominational church that is always ready to welcome new members to its congregation. The church was founded more than 30 years ago under the direction of Dr. Wayne E. Anderson and is grounded in the belief that “you have a right to be free.”

With its mission of providing spiritual strength and intellectual stimulation through their message about God’s grace, City Of Refuge Christian Church offers an array of services for participants of all ages. You can join the community every Sunday for morning worship services at 8 or 10 a.m. The church offers both adult and youth ministries. You can also benefit from Bible study, breakthrough prayer sessions, communion services, Vacation Bible School, and counseling. With adult and youth choirs open to all, you and your entire family can enjoy raising your voices in worship. Furthering its aim to bring individuals closer to God through enjoyable and memorable activities, the church also has dance ministries for all ages.

If you are searching for a friendly church community in Waipahu, HI, you can’t go wrong with City of Refuge Christian Church. Serving a diverse range of individuals, including many military families, this church welcomes newcomers with open arms. Visit their website for more information about their programs and view a schedule of their upcoming events. You can also contact the church directly by calling (808) 677-5677.

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