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Mille Lacs Health System

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Mille Lacs Health System provides expert, quality care for the whole family. Maintaining a comprehensive hospital facility offering urgent care, outpatient therapy, and surgical services, this health services provider helps the Mille Lacs community of Minnesota maintain an exceptional quality of life.

The team of expert medical professionals at Mille Lacs Health System provides expert care for patients both young and old. With their main hospital in Onamia, and several other facilities throughout the Mille Lacs area, including family clinics, long-term care centers, and chiropractic services, they serve their community with emergency and ongoing care. They help patients recover and heal through convenient outpatient therapy programs, as well as in-home care and full-service assisted living programs for continued senior care.

In addition to general health and emergency services, Mille Lacs Health System specializes in care for chronic conditions. Their medical specialists assist with memory care, diabetes education, and respiratory therapy. Their sleep study center is equipped with the latest technology and resources to combat common sleep disorders, developing effective solutions to help patients stay well-rested and in good health. Whether you need eye care, rehabilitation, or urgent care, there is a practice and specialist near you.

Neighborhood clinics are located in Isle, Garrison, Hillman, and on the main campus in Onamia.

Want to learn more about how Mille Lacs Health System can assist you with your medical concerns? Their website features a comprehensive list of services and information regarding each of their locations in the Mille Lacs region. To schedule your next appointment or to become a new patient, call (320) 532-3154.

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