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Whether you want to install an outdoor entertainment system so you can screen movies in your own backyard or you just want all your devices to connect seamlessly from any room in the house, you can rely on Resolutions Sights Sounds Simplicity to get the job done. Serving the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati area, they specialize in home theater systems, networking, automated surveillance, and outdoor equipment. Jeremy Emrick founded the company in 2009, by which time he already had nearly a decade of experience in the industry; you will know you’re in good hands.

At Resolutions Sights Sounds Simplicity, customers will find quality home theater equipment with professional installation for an affordable price. Their technicians are efficient and reliable, and they are skilled at installing speakers, subwoofers, and televisions in all kinds of residences.

A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau since 2011, Resolutions Sights Sounds Simplicity is the ultimate source for quality home theater products and reliable installation. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer residents of the Dayton area and call (937) 985-4364 to schedule a free consultation in your home today. 

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