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It takes a compassionate elder law attorney to make clients feel comfortable when making end-of-life arrangements and long-term care provisions. In their 30 years of experience, the dedicated team at Scholles & Scholles Attorneys has helped thousands of clients determine their care situation. Located in Finneytown but serving clients throughout all of southwest Ohio and the Cincinnati area, their compassionate team practices estate law, probate law, and elder law.

Senior clients can utilize the estate planning services of Scholles and Scholles Attorneys to make sure their wishes are followed and their belongings are taken care of when they pass away. It’s never too early to draft a last will, establish a power of attorney, or seek legal advice on ensuring your family is cared for after you or your loved one passes.

With convenient office hours and weekend appointments available, Scholles & Scholles Attorneys makes the probate process as easy as possible, especially for grieving families. They provide probate services for a reasonable rate and will help you interpret the last wishes of your deceased loved one to ensure your family carries them out accordingly. Many clients are surprised at just how affordable their services are, and hiring an attorney from their firm can actually save your family in court costs in the long run.

If you need legal advice in regard to an estate-planning matter, turn to Scholles & Scholles Attorneys. Visit their website to learn more about their experience in estate law, and call (513) 729-3198 to schedule an initial consultation today.

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