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From granite countertops to mulch, Surplus Sales is your one-stop shop for all of the materials you need for your next home improvement or landscaping project. With a vast selection, reasonable prices, and three convenient locations in Corbin, Paducah, and Elkton, KY, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else when you’re tackling a big remodeling job.

A second-generation family business, Surplus Sales purchases merchandise at wholesale prices and passes those savings on to homeowners who love doing DIY projects. They have been offering great deals on housing goods since 1995, and they attribute their steady growth to an inventory that is constantly being improved and updated. The company also regularly performs a reassessment of suppliers to ensure their products remain of the highest quality.

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen with new cabinets or countertops or design a yard that serves as an oasis for entertaining friends, you’ll find everything you need at Surplus Sales. They also offer hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring, in addition to doors and bathroom equipment. For your landscaping needs, they have mulch, gravel, topsoil, and sand in stock. With their wide array of products, they can help you turn your house into a home.

To check out the selection of goods that Surplus Sales offers, visit their website. Once you find something you like, call one of their three convenient locations for more information. You can reach their Corbin location at (606) 523-9730; their Corbin landscaping location at (606) 523-9730; their Elkton store at (270) 265-0270; or their Paducah store at (270) 443-4590.

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Free Laminate Padding with the purchase of any laminate (reg. $15.95/100 SQ FT Roll) Or We will Up-Grade the Laminate Padding to Silent Shield Padding for $19.95 for a 100 Sq more
DID YOU KNOW… 85% of the Products we sell at Surplus Sales are 1st Quality products!  We still sell factory seconds in flooring but more and more our customers are more
Thinking of ripping out the shag rug that’s been in your home since the 1970s? Carpets are becoming a thing of the past as the age of laminate flooring has taken over. New and old more
Kitchen remodeling is a huge undertaking, and choosing the right materials is imperative if you want to be pleased with the end result. When it comes to choosing cabinets and more
Hardwood flooring is an avenue to total home transformation. The home improvement experts at Surplus Sales in Corbin, KY, provide a wide array of wholesale hardwood flooring options& more
Considering the hard work and devotion that landscaping entails, it’s easy to see a finished project as a work of art. According to Surplus Sales, who has served more
Come To Surplus Sales and let us show how we can design your dream kitchen and save you lots of $$$ read more