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The world is full of struggling companies that only need the expertise of an experienced business scout and the financial support of an angel investor to find their way to success. To help these two populations find one another, Business Scout, based in Hewlett, NY, is dedicated to connecting investors with opportunities through a central registry that provides critical structure to the private venture capital market.

Through Business Scout's database, angel investors can be matched with businesses that stand to benefit from their unique experience and entrepreneurial spirit. This can be especially attractive for younger investors, who may prefer to invest in someone else's good idea and work with them to develop a sound business plan. Consultants with an in-depth understanding of an industry may also prefer to invest in a distressed business, driven by the knowledge that their own advice will directly affect the financial rewards.

Small and medium-sized businesses are crucial for driving the modern economy, but some of the most innovative new ideas are neglected because they're seen as too disruptive. In many cases, the efforts and faith of a single investor can be all it takes to completely revolutionize an entire industry, or at least create a promising business that earns a continuous stream of revenue.

Whether you represent a distressed business, or you’re an angel investor looking for an opportunity, Business Scout will be glad to help you find what you need. To consult with a member of their team, call their office today at (718) 510-3613.

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