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When it comes to the art of chiropractic treatment, you deserve expertise your body can rely on. With over 30 years of experience, James Lustig, DC, of Mid Rivers Chiropractic in Saint Peters, MO, offers the state-of-the-art care patients need to live healthily.

Through the most advanced techniques in chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and sports injury treatment, Mid Rivers Chiropractic provides a holistic path to healing and wellness. Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury or are enduring chronic pain, chiropractic treatments help realign the spine. As another completely natural method, acupuncture is a trusted way to relieve pain and improve blood flow. If you’ve injured yourself playing the sport you love, the caring professionals at Mid Rivers Chiropractic understand you want to get back in the game. So you can safely return to the sport as soon as possible, the team will create a comprehensive physical therapy plan just for you.

Whether you suffer from sciatica or back pain, the chiropractor will get down to the root of your problem. By effectively diagnosing the source of your pain and implementing effective, sustainable treatments, patients will find lasting methods for pain relief and overall wellness. As a non-invasive procedure, nearly everyone can benefit from the physically and mentally restorative benefits chiropractic treatment offers.

To rid yourself of neck or back pain, look no further than Saint Peters’ best chiropractor. To schedule an appointment, call Mid Rivers Chiropractic today at (636) 279-1400. Since these professionals truly care about your health, they accept almost all insurance plans. For more information on their services and treatments, visit their website.

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