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Keeping your family safe and healthy are your most important priorities, so if insects or rodents invade your home, you need a top-quality defender. Bell Environmental Services has been providing New York City, New Jersey, Nassau County, and Westchester County with innovative and environmentally friendly pest control services since 1963. And only Bell Environmental has Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog who’s workin’ alongside his team of fellow K9 inspectors and trained technicians to detect, protect against, and eliminate pests from both residential and commercial properties.

Bell Environmental Services’ pest solutions are eco-friendly, safe, thorough, and effective, and our trained specialists only use exclusive and proven programs that completely eliminate bed bugs, pest birds, rodents, and insects without pesticides. Not sure if your home, business, or hotel is infested with bed bugs? Our certified canine bed bug team is the most efficient way to sniff out live bed bugs that may be hiding behind walls or in tiny crevices. If bed bugs are found, our one-of-a-kind InstantFreeze program gets rid of bed bugs by freezing them with carbon dioxide snow (dry ice) and without having to throw out your furniture, evacuate your home, or shut down your business.

Bell Environmental Services doesn’t just perform bed bug inspections and treatments, however. We also offer commercial pest control services for other pests. When working to solve insect and rodent problems, Bell Environmental Services implements our exclusive Zero-Pest Zone System and executes a customized and complete plan that eliminates your problems and prevents it from happening again. 

We take care in implementing pest solutions in sensitive environments. Our expert technicians use their training, diligence, and hard work to deploy mechanical barriers, traps, monitors, and other environmentally friendly solutions instead of the harsh chemicals other pest control services rely on.

Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog may be employee of the month every month, but he works alongside a staff of equally trained canine detectives and committed pest control specialists. Bell Environmental believes “the best defense against pest infestation is a good offense,” so we offer integrated pest management solutions that focus on being proactive while protecting the surrounding environment. 

Whether you need a bed bug exterminator or your pest problem involves another kind of creepy-crawly, Bell Environmental Services is here to help. Call us today at (877) 376-1775, or visit our website for more information. You can also keep up with Where’s Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog by visiting our Facebook page.