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As part of the W. Contracting family of companies, Waialae Plumbing and Construction is committed to improving homes with remodeling services and commercial and residential plumbing. Founded in 1994, this Honolulu contracting company has helped many property owners invest in home improvements that make life easier and more affordable.

Waialae Plumbing and Construction’s staff of expert plumbers will help you with everything from planning bathroom remodeling projects to fixing faucet problems to and leak detection. As part of their mission to deliver affordable, high-quality solutions, the company is also the go-to resource for eco-friendly hot water systems and repairs, including tankless, solar, and hybrid options. They even offer certified backflow testing.

Having trouble with your drains? These professionals will thoroughly inspect your system with a snake and drain camera. From tree roots to clogs and leaky pipes, they’ll identify the problem and provide an affordable solution. Plus, the company also offers 24/7 emergency plumbing service, so if you’re ever in a tight spot, they’ll be happy to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. 

How about upgrading your home? Whether you want to install new hardwood floors or completely overhaul your kitchen, Waialae Plumbing and Construction is up to the challenge. Their fully licensed and insured contractors will ensure all your renovations are aesthetically pleasing, pragmatic, and up to code.

This BBB-accredited plumbing and contracting company understands that every home has its unique challenges and needs. As such, these specialists take the time to explain your home makeover options to help determine which options will deliver the best results over time. Committed to craftsmanship, Waialae Plumbing and Construction takes care to ensure that every project is effortlessly functional.

Whether you need a drain unclogged or are curious to see how a new bathroom remodeling project can transform your home, call Waialae Plumbing and Construction today at (808) 735-8595 to set up a consultation. For more details about Honolulu’s best in contracting and plumbing, a full list of services can be found on the Waialae Plumbing and Construction website. 

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