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Painting Hangout

Painting Hangout

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New York, NY 10022
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Painting is a wonderful way to relax, relieve stress, and get creative. That’s why the artistic experts at Painting Hangout in New York City extend the fun and fulfillment of painting to everyone — absolutely no experience necessary.

Even if you’re no Van Gogh, Painting Hangout encourages you and your friends to have some fun by registering for an exciting painting workshop or party. Each workshop will be led by an experienced local artist who will guide you through the artistic adventure with easy, simple instructions. By the end of class, people who have never even touched a paintbrush are delighted by their works of art. 

Painting Hangout also turns class into a party. At each 21-and-up painting party, you’re encouraged to Bring Your Own Bottle so you can truly unwind and enjoy the atmosphere with a glass of wine. To top it off, the venue will also provide tasty nonalcoholic beverages to sip on. They also host fundraisers, which are perfect for businesses or nonprofits to have fun and raise some cash for their cause. Children can get in on the fun, too, with a private birthday party. Regardless of your age, the social painting classes allow everyone to release their childlike spirit. 

For a new, inspiring way to hang out and foster creativity, reserve a spot in a painting class or book your very own private party. For a list of upcoming events, check out the schedule at Painting Hangout. If you have any questions, give a friendly staff member a call at (646) 590-6504, or visit their website.

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