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Your furry and feathered friends aren’t just pets; they’re family. At the Countryside Veterinary Service, you can rest assured knowing their health is in good hands. Serving all creatures big and small, this comprehensive, animal hospital is your source for both routine wellness and emergency pet care. Combining exceptional expertise with genuine care, the doctors and veterinary team members are dedicated to keeping your pets happy, healthy, and active.

Fully committed to the wellness of your pets, Countryside Veterinary Service offers a complete spectrum of preventative care. In addition to routine wellness checks, their veterinarians will support your effort to keep your pet feeling their best with prescription pet foods, nutrition programs, pet vaccinations, and parasite control and prevention. They also offer pet neutering and even provide dentistry services that will have both you and your pets smiling.

When your pet is feeling under the weather, you’ll feel secure knowing Countryside Veterinary Service is right around the corner. Stop into the animal hospital for attentive care, which utilizes state-of-the-art veterinary medicine, including blood testing, radiography, and soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Because the unexpected happens, they also offer emergency pet care, so you can rest assured knowing your veterinarian is always one phone call away.

When it comes to their health, your pets deserve the best. Find complete, compassionate veterinary and surgical care at Countryside Veterinary Service. Visit them online learn more about how this trusted Northeast OH, animal hospital can help you keep your pets happy and healthy, or call (440) 632-9181 to schedule your first appointment today.

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