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Helping those affected by substance abuse and dependency issues since 1985

Westfall Associates

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Westfall Associates, Addiction Treatment, Services, Rochester, New York

Since 1985, we at Westfall Associates have been committed to helping our clients and their families overcome and deal with substance abuse and dependency issues, including alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, smoking and other tobacco products.

Our state-of-the-art, holistic approach to treatment and long-term recovery includes addressing the medical, psychological, social, family, and behavioral factors that influence and perpetrate these complex and chronic health conditions.

We believe the most successful treatment strategies are based on the needs of each individual. As every story is different, so is each path to recovery and wellness.

Our caring team of multi-disciplinary professionals work together to provide a comprehensive and integrated range of services and resources to meet the individual needs of our clients at any stage, age, or relationship to a problem.

At Westfall Associates, we have specialized programs and services for teens, young adults, adults, persons with co-occurring mental health or chronic pain disorders, family members (including children), schools and employers.

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