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Bar-King Dog Kennel, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Services, Keaau, Hawaii

Whether you’re in need of pet boarding, grooming, or pet quarantine services, let Bar-King Dog Kennel be your pet’s home away from home! When you’re out of town, the last thing you want to worry about is your furry little friend. When you leave your dog, cat, bird, or exotic pet with the dedicated animal caretakers at Bar-King Dog Kennel, you can rest assured that your pet will get all of the love, care, and attention of home.

Bar-King Dog Kennel offers a wide range of services for dog boarding and cat boarding. You have the option to choose the size and type of kennel for your dog or cat, though all of them are designed plenty of space for exercise and play. There are even larger kennels that can accommodate multiple dogs or cats, so your pets can stay together.

In addition to pet boarding, or as a separate service, Bar-King Dog Kennel offers dog and cat grooming services to help your pet look his best! From bathing and brushing to nail trims and fur styling, your little loved one will be looking great in no time!

It’s can be stressful if your dog or cat requires quarantine services, but Bar-King Dog Kennel will put you and your pet at ease. As a private facility and Hawaii’s 1st quarantine satellite station, they can offer much more personal attention and care than the state-run facility.

Give Bar-King Dog Kennel a call today at (808) 966-8733 to schedule a tour of the kennel or make an appointment for your pet!

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